What arrangements need to be made prior to moving in?

In order to ease the stress of moving into a new building and community, contact the management front at 301-365-2411 or by email ymcgee@managelstc.net or rrisal@managelstc.net during business hours.  The staff will arrange a preferred move-in date so as to ensure the elevator availablity. You must do this no later than 10 days prior to the move; you will need to pay the security and elevator deposit fees.  Illegal moves to the building will result in fines levied on the owner and/or tenant. You will have to use the service delivery driveway into the basement garage entrance and not the front of the building for your scheduled move. Please read the LSTC Rules and Regulations (Rules 25-34) prior to your move. Welcome and see you around in the neighborhood!

How do I apply for a pool pass?

Typically, the swimming pool season is from Memorial Day to Labor Day.  We are anticipating opening the pool for the 2022 season.  The Management Staff will update the site with a new pool pass application in 2022!  Stay tuned. 


How do I get  cable services?

Lakeside Terrace Condominium is wired for cable by Comcast and Verizon Fios.  However, all arrangements for cable and fios services to individual condominium units must be made by contacting Comcast at 1-800-934-6489 or Verizon at 1-800-922-0204.  You can call to make the arrangements or ask general questions about their services.

What can I recycle in the trash room recycling bins?

Please see the charts on the wall for pictures of the items that can and cannot be recycled in the paper trash and commingled trash containers

Newspapers, newspaper inserts, phone books, paper back books, and clean paper can be recycled in the paper trash container.  No paper that was used with food can be recycled.

In the container marked "Commingled materials" you can recycle plastic items, cans, and glass bottles and jars.  All material must be clean.  The recycling chart on the wall illustrates materials that can and cannot be recycled.  Don't place plastic bags in the container. 

Material that cannot be recycled should be placed down the trash chute which leads to a trash compactor or, if it is too large, must be taken down to the dumpsters at the garage level.  Please be careful not to put anything down the trash chute that would damage the trash compactor.  Boxes must be placed in the special dumpster at the garage level marked "Mixed Paper".  Boxes should be flattened so they will not take up so much room.

How do I get a storage bin?

Contact the management office during normal business hours for an assigned storage bin. Please note when a resident moves out, whether an owner or tenant, the storage bin assignment returns to common ownership for re-issue from the management office.  Storage bin numbers do not correspond with condominium numbers.  One storage bin is assigned per condominium unit.
How do I get a parking space?

According to the Master Deed, the individually assigned parking spaces in the garage areas under the building are limited common elements and tend to be owner occupied. 

How do I obtain a guest parking identification tag?

Contact the management office during normal business hours to obtain a parking identification tag.

Where should my visitor and/or guest park?

The general uncovered and unreserved parking areas in the front of and behind each building are available for visitor and guest parking.

Are you interested in a parking space rental?

Please contact the management office by email at  ymcgee@managelstc.net 
or by phone 301-365-2411 during normal business hours should you be interested in renting your space and/or if you are looking for a parking space.  Parking space rentals may be available on Buildinglink.  If rental parking spaces are available from the office, they cost $85.00
per month for a covered space; $45.00 for a partially covered space.  Spaces individually rented by owners are subject to rates charged by the owners.
What color should the blinds and curtains be?
Please utilize white drapes and/or white blinds for your windows and your sliding doors. Drapes can be another color facing the room if they are lined in white to face the outside.  This is a standard for all units within the community.

What do I need to do before I make improvements or alterations to my unit?

When considering changes within a unit, co-owners should first contact the management office for guidance and special arrangements.  

Please read rules and regulations (Rules 35-37) for requirements.

Is Bicycle Registration Required?
All bicycles stored on Lakeside Terrace Condominium (LTC) property must be properly registered with the Association, and a bicycle permit displayed on the bike frame directly under the seat.  With limited storage space for bicycles, and the inability to identify abandoned property, management must be able to identify a bicycle's owner.  The bike permit serves this purpose.   Click here for bicycle permit application.
We remind residents that bicycle storage is provided to residents utilizing the approved bicycle racks located in each building penthouse.  Bicycles may also be stored in your assigned storage bin in the penthouse, or inside your concominium unit.  Bicycles may not be attached in any manner to the outside fence, or stored anywhere on the exterior of the building, except in an area approved for that purpose by the Board of Directors.  Management may remove and or donate a bicycle found in an unapproved area.  Bicycle storage is at your own risk.