Owner Responsibility

      The repair and maintenance of all items within an condominium unit are the responsibility of the owner of that unit. 

Convector Maintenance

      To prevent problems, convectors should be cleaned and serviced annually by a reliable contractor.  
Convectors that are not working properly may leak and cause damage to your rugs or floors or to apartments below you (for which you are responsible.)

      Lakeside Terrace staff changes filters on the convectors twice a year as a service.
Plumbing Repairs

      To perform plumbing repairs and maintenance, a properly licensed plumber must be contracted.  The Lakeside Terrace office must be notified three days in advance of the work so that an engineer is available to turn off water if necessary and to notify other affected residents in advance of the cutoff.  Plumbing repairs and maintenance MUST be performed on weekdays only between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m.
Extermination Services

     Lakeside Terrace has a contract with a pest control company which comes in weekly to spray in the trash rooms and common areas.  While they are here, they will also go to residents' units to spray for assorted pests at no additional cost.  If you need this service, call the management office (301-365-2411).